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Analyzing Data

About Us

We are a firm of Certified Accountants in public practice as well as business growth strategists.

M&K is a place where original Thinking is held at a premium, where Decisiveness is governed by Business intelligence, where progress is not just a word, but an Action.

We provide our valued clients with the insight, processes, and tools in Accounting & Finance that they need to be successful and grow their business.

With M&K as your accountants and business advisor, you have a partner in progress. We love to see our clients succeed.

Our Values

1- Integrity: Ethical and moral rigor guide how we work and assist our clients.

2- Responsibility: We treat our clients’ challenges as our own and we care about how our work may affect our communities.

3- Diversity and respect for individuals: Beyond borders and cultural differences, we make respect for the individuals and sharing the cornerstone of all human relations. United in diversity, we see our capacity to listen and our open-mindedness as a true lever for innovation.

4- Technical Excellence: Technical excellence is one of the founding principles applied at every level in the Group. This constant search for the highest standards of quality not only serves client satisfaction, business line improvement, and staff development: it is also the best guarantee of our independence.

5- Independence: We always think independently, and in our roles as auditors and advisors, we always act independently.

6- Continuity: As new faces come and go, as one generation hands over to another, our relationships, experience, and knowledge survive. We learn from the past but look to the future.

What Do We Do?

We help support your business to grow.
Over the years, our friendly, professional and affordable accountancy & business development service has helped many of our clients to focus and concentrate their prime time and effort on growing their businesses, maximising sales opportunities & increasing their profit margins instead of being bogged down with lots of accounting, tax and compliance paperwork.

Whom do we serve?

The business community as a whole: global and large corporates, listed or not, small and medium enterprises, public sector entities, and individuals.

What are our fundamentals?

Entrepreneurship and team spirit

Long-term vision and flexibility

Enthusiasm and robustness

For which benefits?

As advisors and auditors, we foster a state of the art accountability, efficient and agile structures and organizations, enhanced performance, and the creation of long-term value.

How are we organized?

As a global partnership: people-centric, participative, transparent, and multidisciplinary with expertise backed by experience.

How do we deliver?

Combining the reliability of methodologies inspired by the most advanced auditing and advisory techniques with our capacity to co-construct and think « out of the box » and with an intrinsic sense of personal responsibility and responsiveness.

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Our Promise

•Talk to you at the outset about how we handle your business and the terms of engagement, the cost of accounting and consulting advice and explain the areas where we may be able to help you maximize your profits and save money.

•Return your telephone calls within 24 hours.

•Reply to your letters and emails promptly.

•Seek to attract, develop and reward the very best talent (staff) to ensure our business and your business’ future success.

•Our personal guarantee that we will provide a cost effective, quality and professional service and will endeavour to get it right, first time, every time.

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