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Our consulting team is one of the fastest growing in the UK. We bring industry-leading expertise to provide tangible benefits to organisations across a diverse range of sectors. We help organisations like yours become more efficient, quicker and effective, with greater impact and improved stakeholder confidence.

Technology and management consulting:

Organisations large and small need to put digital and information technology at the heart of their business strategy. Customers now expect to be able to interact digitally with companies. Employees expect the ability to collaborate using digital tools. Finance teams must be supported by effective decision-support tools and transaction automation systems to lower costs and improve service levels.

For these reasons, digital and IT strategy cannot be an after-thought - it needs to be at the heart of business strategy.

Our technology and management consulting team bring the combined skills required to define and implement digital technologies. With a particular focus on the digital needs of middle market businesses and not-for-profits, we understand the unique growth opportunities and resource constraints that these organisations face.

Change and transformation:

We help you manage change and transformation better - quicker, for less money, with greater impact and improved stakeholder confidence.

Organisations are now facing more change than ever before, but too many projects/programmes and transformation initiatives fail to deliver their benefits on time, on budget, and at an acceptable level of risk.

Whether it is incremental change, step change or transformation, organisational success can depend on your capability to deliver the right change in the right way.

M&K Consulting will help you:

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