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Using the best practice methods for your business valuation.

We can provide business valuations whatever your position. Whether you need to establish a share option scheme, are dealing with a shareholder dispute or marketing a business for sale.

The valuation of private companies can be a subjective task; however, our valuations draw on the technical strength of colleagues across the firm which utilises our depth of experience and helps to provide you with a balanced valuation.


In the course of acquisition negotiations, it is common that you may need to assess valuations prepared by other professional advisers. We can provide a simple overview or a comprehensive critique of other valuation models, to ensure that you will only receive the best practice methods for your valuations.


In preparing your valuations, our team is experienced in applying various models to businesses to give a reasonable valuation. These techniques include the asset, earnings, and discounted cash flow models.


If your business is an individual company, an entire group, or individual departments/sectors, we can provide you with a valuation and then arrange a report that includes a full explanation of how the valuations are calculated.


Valuations in dispute situations need to be handled carefully. We can act as an expert witness for the claimant or respondent and can review valuations prepared by other parties. We can also be instructed as the jointly appointed expert witness in cases where we provide a totally independent and objective valuation.

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