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Specialist support for your entire business lifecycle

If you’re an ambitious organisation ready to take game-changing steps forward, we’re here to support you all the way through your business lifecycle. With powerful, insight-led strategies, we can equip you to raise and invest capital, make successful acquisitions, sell your business, enter new markets, exit current operations and reinvest profits in your next breakthrough venture.

We’ve built a specialist strategic corporate finance team, dedicated to helping future-focused leadership teams and investors drive growth and improve business performance. They’re handpicked experts with diverse backgrounds, including corporate financiers, strategists, accountants, mathematicians and analysts. We believe they’re the only SME focused team in the UK to fully integrate so many critical services – taking responsibility for all transaction-led, strategic growth.

Our highly commercial, joined-up approach is all about growing and realising the value in your business, so you can deliver the right returns to your shareholders. It’s exciting, fast-paced work, delivered by a team who review opportunities all over the world and are focused on helping you make your most ambitious moves yet.

We deliver integrated:

  • Lead advice on mergers and acquisitions (M&A)

  • Strategic planning

  • Primary research

  • Capital growth generation

  • International acquisition searches

  • Commercial due diligence

  • Transaction services


We work with:

  • Ambitious businesses wanting to identify and improve their valuation

  • Global corporates looking for strategic growth through M&A

  • Owner managers who want to sell their businesses

  • Management teams who want to buy a business from its owners

  • High-potential early-stage businesses looking for venture capital of up to £10m

  • High-potential businesses ready to scale rapidly with new equity and/or debt funding to make acquisitions and grow organically

  • Businesses looking for support in breaking into new international markets

  • Funds and banks needing assistance with financial models and due diligence

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