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M&K’s team of forensic professionals provides businesses and their advisers with a comprehensive range of forensic accounting services and fraud-related services.

It comprises forensic accountants, investigators and fraud prevention specialists with experience of many types of business and jurisdiction.

Our areas of expertise cover:

Our team of responsive and commercial specialists is here to provide bespoke solutions.

Dispute services

Our experts advise principally on matters of quantum and professional negligence, and, where necessary, are supported by multi-disciplinary teams drawn from the 6th largest accounting firm in the world.

We assist at all stages of a dispute. For example, at an early stage, for the purpose of providing an initial estimate of quantum or a mediation; or after formal proceedings have commenced with the provision of expert evidence at Court or arbitration.


We undertake fraud and financial irregularity investigations for corporates, regulators and the public sector.

Proactive fraud services

Our specialists assist clients to identify and assess the risk of fraud within their organisation and to advise on mitigation strategies.

Our services include the development of bespoke fraud awareness programmes, proactive governance reviews, fraud and bribery risk assessments (FCPA and Bribery Act), and the deployment of cyber fraud and crime toolkits.

Asset tracing

We assist clients to trace and recover assets held in the UK and overseas. This could be for the purpose of matrimonial proceedings or to make a financial recovery following a successful civil claim.

Business intelligence

We conduct investigative research and intelligence gathering for integrity due diligence purposes on fraud or anti-corruption investigations and to assist clients in situations of commercial dispute.

Forensic technology

The recovery and analysis of electronic information is becoming increasingly important in civil proceedings. Our team of forensic technology experts investigate and report upon all types of digital-based evidence, including metadata, data provenance, internet activity, destruction of evidence and copying.

We also provide the means for the fast and efficient review of large quantities of unstructured data.

Contact us to find out how our dedicated team of forensic accounting services team can assist your organisation.

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